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Our Environmental Policy

Hardy Interiors is one of 4 founding members of Trees4TreesTM and continues to be a driving force behind its development. Trees4Trees™ (Bumi Hijau Lesta Foundation) is a registered non-profit foundation, funded by a portion of the revenue from every piece of furniture made and sold within the Trees4TreesTM program.
These contributions support the development of community forests and education programs aimed at  improving the lives of local people where Trees4TreesTM furniture manufacturing  companies source their timber. Hardy Interiors takes a active roll to ensuring the highest ethical standards during all phases of our business and production.   

Trees 4 TreesTM Fact

  • Over 1,350,000 Trees planted
  • Over 13,250 registered farmers (Farmer Members).

Contact Trees4TreesTM
Please visit the Trees4TreesTM webpage at www.trees4trees.org,  for more information on this great program.

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